Obesity surgeon is concerned with the most common questions asked by patients who are doing research for an abdominal fat reduction surgery, and who does this surgery and how it works after deciding.

Tube stomach surgery should be some criterion that patients should carry in order to have stomach reduction surgery. The body mass index (BMI) comes first. In this calculation the weight of the person is divided by the neck.

For example, consider a patient with a height of 1.65 and a weight of 136 kilograms. VKI value of this patient;

136 / 1.65 X 1.65 = 50.

This value enters the group we call morbid obese and is suitable for stomach reduction surgery.

Patients who have appropriate VKI values ​​and decide on surgery will be brought to the hospital for preparation for surgery one day before the appointment for surgery.

We perform endoscopic examinations and abdominal ultrasound in our clinic with rudimentary blood tests, ECG, and chest radiography. After the analysis results with the results of the Internal Medicine, Chest Diseases, Cardiology and Anesthesiology surgeons are completed and patients with no obstacle to surgery are safe to operate.

The night before the stomach reduction operation, blood thinners are used to prevent embolism. Patients who are operated the next day and who stay for about 1 hour, are started to walk in the early period with the foot removed. After the active movement is started, the varicose book is removed. The next day after the operation, liquid food starts after the leak test. We do a 2-day hospital admission including the day of surgery. During the hospitalization, all of our patients are visited by our dietician and nutrition education is given and they will be informed about the nutrition plan to be applied from the first week. There are also guidelines and sample dietary lists for obesity surgeons.

We have control blood tests at 1-2-3-6-9-12-18 and 24 months after the stomach reduction surgery. If there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies found, we provide the necessary support drugs.

The period after obesity surgery is a very serious process. Our patients should be in contact with the dietician and the surgeon. An experienced surgeon will give excellent results with stomach reduction surgery, dietician support, proper follow-up and compatible patient.

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