Metabolic Syndrome, which we have recently started to hear in our daily lives, is a serious cause of death that has to be considered because it has the potential to cause cardiovascular disease, the risk of organ damage and labor and material loss.

Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, excess weight and blood fat (cholesterol and triglycerides) combined with the height of the metabolic syndrome is called. We can evaluate the metabolic syndrome as a sum of all the co-incident problems of obesity-related Type 2 diabetes. Cigarette smoking is vital because it destroys quality of life and is preventable from the causes of death.

Metabolic syndrome therapy begins with dietary regulation, exercise and lifestyle changes, but even if all options are applied, the chances of success remain at around 15%. Proportionally, it is clear that more permanent and more successful treatment options are needed.

This last rising metabolic surgery is also being applied to achieve lasting success in this patient group. Here, the main target is to make changes that will allow the food to reach the end of the small bowel earlier. The success rate of 90-95% in selecting the appropriate patient is really good. I will also share in the following articles informing about metabolic surgery options.

I wish my healthy days …