We encounter very different questions about the pre-, post- and the process of obesity surgery. Is one of the most common questions to lose weight after a stomach reduction surgery? , is midede expansion? And what are the long term results? It shaped.

Obesity surgery is increasingly used in obesity treatment. In the procedure known as tube stomach surgery, approximately 80% of the stomach is removed and a small stomach volume is left behind. Therefore, the calorie intake is restricted with the feeling of saturation which is formed with nutrients in a small amount and the desired weight loss is occurring.

Is Weight Lost After Stomach Reduction?
In patients we have classified as morbidly obese with a body mass index of 40 and above, the success of diet and exercise and weight control is very low, and stomach reduction surgery, or obesity surgery, is a serious alternative to these patients.

Do we lose weight after the stomach reduction surgery?
A patient who has undergone a successful gastric decompression surgery can continue the weight loss process between 12-18 months and is expected to give 75-80% of the excess weight of the person during this period. The rate and amount of weight loss differ from person to person by the reason of different metabolic processes.

The main point here is the changes that people will make in their eating habits after the stomach reduction surgery and the harmony with the recommendations of dietitians and obesity surgeons. Do you gain weight after stomach reduction surgery? The answer to the question actually depends on the change in vital habits.
Patients who do not understand the purpose and philosophy of the operation of stomach reduction can be misdiagnosed as having a diet and a lack of sports by thinking that I am weak in surgery. Basically, this is to disregard the long-term weight control effect of stomach reduction surgery. An operating procedure in which the patient does not comply and the dietary and lifestyle changes do not coincide can result in many failures.

Although obesity surgery may cause periodic weight loss after the surgery, if the weight gain is begun again, the mistakes in the feeding process should be questioned.
Stomach reduction surgery on obesity patients’ weight gain is a very successful method. Do you gain weight after stomach reduction surgery? The answer to the question relates to the adaptation of the patient to the nutritional process of a successful operation.
I wish healthy days.