Obesity surgeons are increasingly developing and changing day by day in terms of medical use and variety of technological tools. The popularity of the disease and the surgical method has attracted the interest of the media as well as those around and in need of surgery. Although the method is becoming increasingly widespread and unacceptable, some false information is still spreading from the ear to the ear.

Tube is getting weight after stomach surgery !!!
Obesity surgeries are not a magic wand that does not care about weight even though it is a normal meal, but it is an effective means of achieving the target by easily weight loss. Starting from the preoperative period, a healthy and balanced nutrition should be put into a lifestyle. The consequence of this is that obesity surgeries must be supported by healthy eating habits. The surgeon’s miracle results alone should not be expected.

Obesity surgeon’s risk is very high !!!
Despite the increasing technological developments in recent years, obesity surgeries are still practiced, and many people still believe that these surgeries carry a significant risk of complications and death. As with all surgical operations, the obesity surgeon has some risks associated with the different types of surgeries, but studies have proven that the obesity surgeon is as much at risk as surgeries like biliary tree, hernia when performed by experienced surgeons.

From another point of view, the benefits obtained with obesity surgery are much more than the associated risks.

3. We can not eat anything after the surgery !!!

One of the city legends we hear the most from sickness is that you can not eat anything after the surgery. The nature of the surgery is pure, semi-solid and solid eating periods, starting with liquid feeding in the first 1 month period. In fact, when the first month of surgery is over, we have started to consume 80-85% of the food we normally consume. Of course we are guiding positive changes in quantity and style of eating and drinking habits. However, there is no such thing as not eating.