The number of bariatric surgery in the world and turkey growing rapidly every day. Obesity has become a very common disease, and those who have an operation share their experiences with their social media environment and the recent television programs with a high rate of follow-up are the factors causing this increase.

The first answer from our patients who asked us how they felt after the surgery and your thoughts about the operation is düşün I wish I was earlier, I regret Şimd. After all the physical, mental and social problems before the tube gastric surgery, after a step of comfort and peace of mind, patients experience pre-operative anxiety and fears are out of place, they should have seen this surgery before.

Patients who quickly adapt to the new life after gastric reduction surgery return to their normal lives within a few weeks after the surgery and lose weight rapidly. In this way, the quality of life of the patients increases and they reach their health step by step. The change experienced after obesity surgery is very nice but it is possible to encounter some problems from time to time. Therefore, the golden rule is a regular and serious control-follow-up process after the operation.

If you have excess weight that you have not been able to give for a long time, you may also have a stomach reduction surgery safely to an experienced and well-researched physician if you have a disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol. In this process, it will be useful to obtain information from patients who have been operated before.

For your health, do not stand for your future, take action against obesity