Sleeve Gastrectomy Is Operation Suitable For Me?

If you have a weight problem that falls within the operative limit according to the criteria of the World Obesity and Metabolism Surgery Association (IFSO), if you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies that will cause problems with bypass and other methods, if you have prednisolone or antiinflammatory drug use and you have problems with bypass surgery, If you have a history of heavy abdominal surgery, if you have heart or lung problems that will cause problems with a long operation, if you are at the supermorrhoidal obesity border tube surgery will definitely be the first option for you. The age range in which sleeve gastrectomy can be performed is 12-79 years.

In Which Situations Tube Stomach Surgery Could Not Be Suitable For Me?

If you have type 2 diabetes, especially insulin use, if you have a BMI greater than or equal to 50 and you have severe reflux, bypass may be a better option for you. It should be recalled that for the super-morbid obese group, the sleeve may be applied as the first step, but after the actual operation has been attenuated for a certain amount, it may be a good option. Care should be taken when taking sleeves in patients with reflux because reflux symptoms increase in 20% of patients after the sleeve operation. Barett esophagus, chronic reflux-related condition is a definite contraindication for sleeve gastrectomy. In other words, Barett esophageal disease should not be done with tube stomach surgery, bypass should be preferred.