Stomach reduction surgery is a dangerous problem and one of the most important problems in the head of patients who are obese and have difficulties in operation decision. The main point here is to be aware of the accompanying diseases associated with obesity and the risks that the obesity itself brings. When compared, the risk of this group is much higher than the risks of surgery.

Although obesity is becoming widespread as a health problem and obesity surgeon is frequently applied, obesity surgeries can still be looked at with fear and is it still dangerous to have a stomach reduction surgery? the question is occupying the minds.

Of course, the obesity surgeon also has certain bacillary risks. However, in well-equipped centers that need to be known, surgery done by experienced surgeons, especially preoperative preparations, precautions taken and care after treatment and treatment adequacy, minimize these risks.

While putting the risks of stomach reduction surgery on a scale, obesity and related comorbid diseases (diabetes, hypertension, risk of heart attack, paralysis, sleep apnea) should be put on the other side and risk assessment should be done with this eye.

If we were to sort out the practices we did to minimize the risk of surgery;

– Pre-notification and patient’s own resume and disease information

– The required analysis and examinations are made and it is revealed whether the internal medicine, chest diseases, cardiology and anesthesiologist are suitable for tube gastrectomy, whether the tube gastrectomy is dangerous

– The night before the surgery, a needling needle is made

– Variceal stocking and compression device used to reduce emboli risk during surgery

– Experienced hands are operated according to the technique

– Controlled by leakage test during and after surgery

– Dietician support and continuous checks after discharge

The experience of a physician who has undergone a stomach reduction surgery is quite effective in coping with adverse situations that can be encountered during and after surgery.

As a result; Is the stomach reduction dangerous? it is possible to perform the surgery with the lowest risk if the necessary precautions are taken such as the answer of the question, every work and it is done in safe hands and equipped centers.