Diseases that have been completely corrected or reported to be improved following obesity surgery are:

Sleep apnea: It is the earliest recovering disease after the surgeon. In the first month, Tamama gets out of the way in close proximity. Even patients who have to use a CPAP device will have a normal sleeping pattern without a device.

Type 2 Diabetes: The method of surgery should be chosen according to the weight of diabetes and the need for medication. According to the method, the recovery rate of diabetes is up to 95%. In the presence of severe Type 2 diabetes, the obesity surgeon with a BMI of 35 for obesity surgeon goes down to BMI 30. Because now the metabolic surgeon is the subject.

Hypertension: Hypertension associated with obesity is 70% and above, but usually it is not needed from the first light after the operation.

Heart failure: After obesity surgery, the risk of heart attack and heart failure have been significantly reduced.

Peripheral edema: Obesity surgeon not only restricts gastric volume, but also removes hormonal imbalances. Therefore, severe edema resolved in patients with peripheral edema from the first days of surgery.

Dyslipidemia: The elevation in blood fat is improved immediately, especially after insulant operations. Transient imbalances can only be seen during the fast weight loss period.

Oesophagitis: Obesity is a causative agent of reflux, and reflux esophagitis after surgery is markedly improved. Although the formation of new reflux can be seen after tubal stomach operations, after the first year, this increase is rising.

Decrease in risks of other surgeons: The risk is significantly reduced, especially when orthopedic interventions are needed.

Osteoarthritis: Obesity is a chronic disease state with an inflammatory event in all tissues. After the obesity surgeon, the inflammatory processes in the joints remain. Current publications report that back pain and back pain are noticeably improved.

Thromboemboli: Obesity itself increases the risk of embolism and thrombosis in the lower extremities. These risks are also diminishing with rising.

Urinary incontinence

In addition, after obesity surgery, there is a marked improvement in quality of life and fertility is significantly increased.